Thursday, October 20, 2005

Real News

There are only two real news programs on television these days. The BBC and, of course, The Daily Show. Always trust the British to give you a dry unslanted view of current events and always count on John Stewart to tell you the truth with a little bit of humor. When he interviews people on his show he asks REAL QUESTIONS. The things you see and hear on the Daily Show make you laugh but it also makes you raise an eyebrow and say, "Oh my Jihad! That's so true!". I mean, look at the direction CNN is taking. They have a "Faith and Values" correspondent for god's sake! How weird is that? Talk about news with a slant. Anyway, I'm just ranting now. But if you have any sense tonight and you have cable, do yourself a favor and watch the Daily Show for some real news.

Quote of the day: I'll tell you one thing they'll never be able to outsource... Balls. America has balls.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You eat breakfast in an ally?

I slept in today because our show was cancelled. Slept in till 11:45 which my body never lets me do and I've been putting around ever since. Normally on a nice day like this I would head into the city and get a cup of coffee or fire up the black-box and play games for a while after tending to the many animals that inhabit my apartment. However, for various reasons, I haven't been staying in my apartment lately and I'm starting to feel like an imposition in my current living situation. I'm heading to Charles and Marcia's on Friday and looking after their house for the weekend, then maybe I'll stay there for most of the rest of the run. I'm tired of being in transit all of the time. Living out of a duffel bag gets old real fast and when people start to notice and say, "Don't you ever leave? You're here all the time.", you start to feel a little like parasite. I know they're joking and they don't mean it to be cruel, but it still makes me sad and uncomfortable. I was trying to think of things that made me feel at ease, at home, and all I could come up with would be how nice it would've been to have had breakfast at Al's this morning with Per. I tried to explain to someone once about what it's like to eat a meal at Al's and all they could say was, "You eat breakfast in an ally?". Some people will just never understand. You have to go there to truly know what it means to eat maybe the best goddamn breakfast you've ever had while someone stands behind you waiting to get your seat when you finish. That would have made me feel at home today. Would have made me feel like I was anywhere and not just stuck.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Adventure Begins

So, here we are. My very first post on my new blog. The adventure begins. Hmmm... There's nothing I would like to share at the moment since I'm at work with nothing to do. I was just reading my friend Emily's blog and I thought "OK, it's time to make one for myself." Maybe once I reorganize my thoughts I'll have more to post. Until then, everyone will just have to wait.

An Army of 15!

Today we had a performance of Jason and the Golden Fleece for a group or 15 tiny tiny kids and their teachers. While this can be annoying at times (especially when you have to wake up at 7:30am for a 10am performance) I actually enjoyed myself. It was wonderful to look out and see them so enraptured by the story that was being told to them. It's a nice feeling to think that maybe you made a kid or two's day by slapping on some makeup and wearing a silly hat & skort (I'll explain later). It was a relief to get back on stage after an infuriating day off yesterday (Hence the crabby photo of me to the right). Aint escape-ism great! Tonight I'm making Dinner for two very dear friends and hopefully the day will continue to go well. Peace