Monday, February 12, 2007

In which I am a resident teaching artist.

I would not mind if I had a full time teaching residency at PLTC. I would not mind having 30 thousand + dollars a year for coming up with ways to teach kids through theater. I would not mind having a car or a savings account, healthcare and a pension. I wouldn't mind any of it if I could still be on stage.

The Background: I am currently teaching my second class for PLTC after having done some shows there and team teaching a few workshops. I am in the habit of subbing whenever I am needed because I like the money and I actually enjoy helping out when I can. Also, I just completed an in school residency with my team teacher Shavon (or Miss. Shavon, as the kids call her) and am about to embark on another.

Last Monday I'm prepping for my acting class when my boss hands me an envelope. I opened it when I got home and found a piece of paper with information about PLTC's need for a full time resident teaching artist. Along with the info there was a post-it note stating that "If you are interested in the position, let me (my boss) know"

The Problem: It's not that I'm afraid of having a full time job. In fact, I think I would really like the stability it would bring to my schedule and, with out question, my finances. I'm not worried about being able to handle the workload or the challenges that come along with it. I only want to know that, were I to get an acting job, there would be enough flexibilty so that everyone can get the "best me" possible and that I have as full & rich of an experience as both will allow me to have.

My Pop is right. "In order to be a good teaching artist you have to be practicing your art."

The Solution: I had an informal chat with my boss to get some of these questions and concerns of mine answered. Long and the short of it is that they're willing to be as flexible as they can and they understand and support my thoughts about my career as an actor on stage.

So, with no good reason to stop me from applying, I'm currently drafting my cover letter and academic resumeā€².

Here's to being a grownsup. (^_~);
Wish me luck.