Saturday, December 31, 2005

Good Bye 2005

There are times in my life that I'm reminded what it's like to be human. This morning started off rather rocky. My dear friend Emily's Grandfather died this morning. I'm am very heart broken because I love her so very much and I would not wish anything like this to happen to anyone, especially during the holidays. Not being able to help her very much, since I am in Minneapolis visiting my family, I tried to remember this day what it means to care and be cared for. I popped the movie Amelie in to the DVD player and had an afternoon of trying square up to the fact that there are small pleasures everyday in this world, if you are open enough to recognize them. Tonight I went out with my friend Per and his girlfriend Emily (not the same Emily as above). It was a mutual friend's birthday so we went to a bar/bowling ally. It was kareoke night and we all drank ourselves silly and danced and sang. I had a blast.

Joey sent me an email today about new years and finding happiness. To sum up, it was about happiness happening to you rather than something that should be searched for. I discovered this tonight while in the company of friends and strangers and it brought a true smile to my face. My wish for everyone that I know this new year is to discover happiness by and by. It's the greatest feeling in the world.

Obviously I'm rambling because I'm a tad bit drunk, but I don't care. When your life is in transition things can cut you deeply but they can also renew and fulfill you. Tonight I am fulfilled in some small measure. I hope Joey, Kate, and MB are doing well tonight. Joey especially, because I miss her company. Kate, because of her ability to ground me (even if she doesn't realize it). And MB for being such a great friend to me by opening her doors to me in my time of need.

OK. Time for bed. Sleep well, all. And may tomorrow bring you some small measure of peace and happiness.