Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm a Lvl. 54 Smn. ^^

OK, so I know I'm a dork and I play FFXI a little too much. But escaping reality a few hours a day with some friends isn't a crime, is it? To tell true, I don't even know why I'm posting. I'm so tired, but restless as well. Ready to get home and start work, I suppose. Or maybe it's something else gnawing at me. I haven't decided yet. However, I don't think pondering it at 2:45 in the morning will give me any real clarity. So, on that note, I hope to join a few of you in the dreamscape soon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'll have a cup of regular and one psycho.

On rare occasions I find myself meeting someone I really like. And on these rare occasions it usually happens that I am just a little to late in finding them or we live in different states or she's leaving for the Dominican Republic tomorrow at 5 am (I kid you not), etc...etc. Now, not to say that these brief encounters aren't worth every moment, but come on, what's a guy gotta do to get a break around here! So, here's the story:

I've been hanging out with my (not by blood, but certainly sweat and tears) sisters Emily and Anna while I've been in Minneapolis. We always have a great time together because we are family and when you've gone through just about everything you can think of together bonds strengthen fast. Anyway, Anna has this friend, <~~~>, who I have met many times in the past and we ran into her the other night at "The Dubliner". Turns out she is my age, smart, and super fantastic. Go figure, right? She went along with us to Emily's birthday bar run and we had a nice chat outside while smoking a cigarette. The night goes on, we end up at Em and Anna's house where we continue to drink "Run-Skips" (another post altogether) and play Apples to Apples and 90's Trivial Pursuit. At the end of the night it turns out that there is one bed left and two people that need a place to sleep. Myself and <~~~>. Now, I'm a reasonable man and a gentleman and I can sleep next to a beautiful woman in the same bed and leave it at that. I mean, it would be presumptuous and rude of me to make a move on someone I'm just starting to get to know better. I mean, right? In lieu of continuing with my story let us take a moment to explore a little math lesson, shall we?:

Me + Beautiful Woman x (who I've been told likes to cuddle + who's eyes I've been catching all night + who I've been told thinks I'm cute + is smart and funny) + cold night รท a Warm Bed = I'm an IDIOT!

Lesson over: Discuss.

So, I walk into the bedroom and crawl into bed and<~~~> asks who is sleeping next to her. I say, "it's Ahren", and leave it at that. Ok, so how was I supposed to know that was conversation opener? (see "IDIOT" above) I slide over to the outskirts of the bed so<~~~> has as much room as possible and go to sleep.

Skip to a couple days later. Anna,<~~~>,<~~>'s friend Becky, and I go out for a couple of drinks at a bar called "Psycho Suzi's". Anna, being my loving sister, does her best to make sure<~~~> and I are paired up all night. Anna makes sure there's an open seat in the booth next to<~~~> for me to sit and takes my car keys so I can drink and "have fun". After bouncing to the Dubliner to meet Matt, we have a drink and head back to Anna's to watch Chappelle show. It's getting late and Anna takes<~~~> up to go to bed and when she comes back down Anna says, "Good night", and gives me a devilish smile.

Ahren: "Where am I sleeping?"
Anna: "You're sleeping in Em's room."
Ahren: "Oh. Where is <~~> sleeping?"
Anna: "You're sleeping in Em's room. Good night." (smile)

I love you Anna!

And that's all a Gentleman will say.

Good night.