Monday, September 24, 2007


Today I was born-afide and I have decided to spend it watching movies while eating Oreo cake (courtesy of my wonderful castmates) and pizza. I may even cap the night with a bottle of champagne. I'm half way through "Brazil" at the moment and I think "My Life as a Dog" is up next. However, "Four Rooms", "Magnolia", and "Cannibal! The Musical" are also on the short list. They may have to duke it out in a movie battle royal and I'll watch whoever comes out on top.

Mom was supposed to be here today, but family issues in Minneapolis have called her away and she got on an early flight this morning. So, my mission is to have fun and do whatever it is I feel like doing! Within reason, of course. I figure being slovenly and gaining a few pounds in the process is not half bad idea, since tomorrow I have a 10 am show.

So, Cheers Folks! I'm thinking of you all today.

And, no, that's not me. lol