Sunday, January 15, 2006

I fought the law and the law won.

Just recently I moved in November from University City in Philadelphia to a house on the main line in Paoli. As most of you know, when you're young and you still don't have enough crap to fill a house, moving only requires patience, a couple good friends, and a large van. My friend, Kate, was moving too so in the interest of saving money and because it was available we borrowed the company van. After a lovely day of hauling crap into and out of vans and into and out of houses we decided to take a break and grab some pizza near my new place. While we were eating it was starting to snow very lightly and we thought it best to start out before it got any worse since we had one last thing to drop off at Kate's. We got to Kate's house in the country without much difficulty and dropped off her things and by this time the snow was just covering the road so we figured, "Hey, why not. It's better to get the company van back to work and if it’s to snowy to drive after that you'll (Kate) just stay with me." Driving is getting steadily worse and Kate rarely drives a huge van in the snow but still we decide its better for her to be driving the car since she's a full-time employee. Now, everything was fine until we got to the top of this small hill and start slowly going down. Kate is driving 5 mph maximum but it's too late and we start to fish tail heading straight for a tree in the woods. After crashing, calming each other down, smoking a cigarette, and taking a rather hilarious video on my cell phone, we call the PoPo the report the accident and get a tow. The cops get all the necessary info from us like: Name, address, license & registration, had we been drinking (luckily No), were we on the phone, etc…etc. The tow truck arrives and we head on our merry way. All in all, since no one was hurt, Kate and I came to the conclusion that it had been an exceptionally fun day and chalked the accident up to just another piece of life experience.

When I got off the plane yesterday, Kate was waiting to drive me home and she tells me:

Kate: So, remember that little accident we got into?
Ahren: The one where we totaled the van? Yeah, I do.
Kate: Well...I got a ticket.
Ahren: WHAT!?
Kate: Yeah. A moving violation for going to fast in poor driving conditions.

You gotta be kidding me! First of all, we were going 5 mph and there was nothing we could have done to prevent crashing except for maybe never having jumped back into the van to take it back. And second, it was 1:00 in the goddamn morning and we were the ONLY people not smart enough to stay inside. Now, I'll take a ticket for misjudgment, I can even stomach one for stupidity (if you want to go there), but reckless driving! Fuck that. See you in court. (>_<)<^>