Monday, July 03, 2006

This one time at band camp...

Some of you know that during the summer months I like to elevate my stress level by managing a little Shakespeare camp at Arcadia University. This year I decided to try to be a tad bit more calm about the whole situation but to this date I have come not even close to succeeding. I'd say that I'm as stressed as ever...and then some. (Ah, the blessed transitional year) Now, it may be true that I take this camp much to seriously but its my job. I take work very seriously. That's not to say that I don't have a great time too, I do, but I worry. It's only natural. I do have comfort in the fact that my teaching staff and teaching assistants are top notch. This job would blow without great staff.

Today is boring because I'm not teaching and office work has all but come to a grinding halt (As you can tell). There is a sick camper in our office waiting for his mother and as a result my afternoon RHCP listening indulgence has been put on hold indefinitely.

O Jebus, I wish it was tonight already! I'm heading over to my friend Kate's (see van crash post) cabin to hang out with her and Joey and watch some Buffy and drink wine. On the 4th we plan to BBQ a whole lotta meat and fish and lay around in the woods. If it rains we will probably be forced to watch movies or Firefly (I know, perish the thought)

(o_0); "You wanna run this ship?'
(-_-) "Yeah."
(>_<); " can't."

Ok, I have made an exucutive decission to leave work early and head out now. bye.