Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's the little things.

So, I'm in Colorado at the moment. I have been checking email from the past few days (about 32) and doing some work while downing my third cup o' joe at starbucks and I just finished a wonderful conversation with Sophia. Sophia is "This many and a little bit", meaning, from the fingers she showed me, about four and a half. Let me give you the setup. I was just beginning to doze off while answering some work email when I hear, "Hello". I look to my left and this little Latino girl, in pigtails held with Dora the Explorer clips and matching regalia, climbs on to the booth next to me. Assuming that her mother is not far behind I remove my bag from the booth and say, "There you go. Now you have some more room." Well, as soon as my bag is on the floor she slides up right next to me, and I mean RIGHT next to me. She has the cutest eyes I have ever seen and there is some dried snot under her nose like most kids her age have. Standing on the booth she is almost as tall as I am sitting.

What are you doing?
Work, how bout you?
My Mom is getting drinks. Is that your computer?
What's that?
It's my day planner. It tells me what I'm doing every day. See?
Oh. What are you doing today?
Some work. See?
What are you doing today?
Mom is getting drinks and then we're going home and I get to play outside.
That's nice.
What're they doing?
Outside? That lady is reading a book. You see the puppy on her lap?
Oh. Your computer just turned off!
It's ok it just went to sleep. But I should plug it in soon cauz I'm almost out of batteries.

A Barista walks by and has samples for people to try. She asks me if I'd like to take one and I do. She looks at me, then to Sophia, then back to me.

Can she have one?

I look at the Barista, then to Sophia who gives me a big smile, and then back to the Barista. I reply:

Umm...I'm not sure. She's not mine.

This gets me a curious look from the Barista. I continue:

Her Mother is getting some drinks and should be back soon. I'm just providing some impromptu child care.

Satisfied with this answer the Barista moves on to other customers. At this point Sophia's Mother comes over to the booth and says:

I'm so sorry, I'll be right there.
It's ok, I don't mind.
Sophia, are you being good?

Sophia replies, "Yes." and her Mom goes to retrieve the drinks.

I ask:

How old are you, Sophia?
This many and a little bit.
When I get home I get to play outside and then...

And then for the next few minutes Sophia told me all about what she was going to do for the rest of the day, some of which I couldn't understand because she spoke very fast with a tiny lisp. Her Mother came back to the booth with two mango frapaccinos.

Thank you. I hope she wasn't too much trouble.
None at all. Sophia, I enjoyed our conversation very much.
Ok. Bye.

She waves, takes her mango frap and heads out the door with her Mom.

I sit for a moment and think to myself, it's the little things that can make your day and sometimes they come in the form of pigtails held with Dora the Explorer clips and matching regalia.

Thanks, Sophia. You made my day worth getting up for.